I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags, or Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have some things to say, and they are not at all related. [This is entirely due to item #1.]

1. Sudafed. Ya’ll. Maybe I’ve just never taken Sudafed before, but that shit is TRIPPY. I’ve been on it since Friday. It’s fucked up my sleep [I’ve been calling it ‘hyper sleep’]. It’s made me buzz a mile a minute. It actually makes my skin and body tingle. I momentarily thought to myself, “Hmm… Maybe THIS could be my drug of choice!” and then I realized that I LOATHE the feeling of being on Sudafed. [So, don’t worry everyone, I don’t have a future as a meth-head, as much as I’d love to be an extra on Breaking Bad.] I saw my therapist today and talked, non-stop, for 45 minutes, all the while feeling like a lunatic on 6 shots of espresso. At the end of our session she actually cut me off and said “No, really. We need to stop now.” That said, it has CLEARED my sinuses right up. Zyrtec doesn’t work for me. Sudafed is my savior. [And, hey, my room got cleaned at 4:30 am so… it makes me super productive?]

2. Thrift Shop. I just. LOVE. This song and video so much. I cannot get enough of it. More, more, more Macklemore! [The whole album is actually unreal.]

3. Money. I filed my taxes at approximately 11:55 pm on April 15. I owed the State of New York money, but it was unclear as to whether or not they were going to electronically withdraw those funds from my account, or I was going to have to mail in a check. [Thanks for the confusion, TaxSlayer…] Anyway, a few days later, I panicked because the money had not been removed from my account, and I was worried I would be hit with a late payment fee. OF COURSE, as luck would have it, I ended up DOUBLE paying my state taxes [UGH! SO ANNOYING!]. So now… I’m waiting for my refund to be sent to me and… every time that I remember that it is on its way, it feels like Christmas! Yay for getting [my own] money [back]. 

4. Thankful. I am so thankful to finally be feeling better. It was a long month of sickness. Let’s never repeat that, ok universe?


The Boob Tube

Although Spring is making a valiant effort [sorta], I am trapped in my apartment with my debilitating cold/eye situation. Today, I spent a good few hours working on my taxes. I have two things to say about that:

1. I work best under pressure. There’s nothing like waiting til the last minute. 

2. I don’t know how a person could make SO LITTLE money in one year and yet still owe Old Uncle Sam a good chunk of change. 

Anyway, in a fit of “get your financial life together” rage, I canceled my Netflix AND Hulu accounts. Why? Because I just don’t use them. I got Netflix to watch Downton Abbey (done) and I got Hulu to watch Breaking Bad (I stopped). I know the $16/month that I am saving between those two subscriptions isn’t really going to make a huge difference, but I’m all for trimming the fat. [If I could only bring myself to get rid of ONE of my gym memberships, I’d REALLY be making progress, but every time I think about it, I feel TOTALLY justified.]

Anyway, my roommate already has Netflix [why did I need my own account? I don’t know.] and he just informed me that he splurged on some fancy cables that will connect our computers to our television. I’ll just steal my mom’s HBO Go login, then probably reactivate my Hulu account, and… WE ARE CANCELING OUR CABLE! KA-CHING! Sorrynotsorry, TimeWarner.  

However, in the spirit of all things TV [and in a totally opposite spirit of cable canceling and Netflix/Hulu deactivations], I present to you a list of TV shows that are on my “To Watch” list. Much like my book list, most people will think I’m crazy for not having already seen 99% of these. But that’s ok. Just be jealous that I get to experience them for the first time!

True Blood
American Horror Story
Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Heros (Season 1 only, is what the peeps are saying)
Dawson’s Creek
Gilmore Girls
United States of Tara
Nurse Jackie
Strangers with Candy
The Big C
Mildred Pierce
The Newsroom
The West Wing
30 Rock
Modern Family
Up All Night
Game of Thrones
Boardwalk Empire
The Wire
How I Met Your Mother
Gossip Girl
The Good Wife

The thing I am MOST sad about with our cable cancellation is that I won’t be able to watch Dexter when it comes back on. However, I’m sure that I’ll be able to console myself with the many, many dollars I’ll be saving. 

Are there any other shows that should be added to this list?