34 on the Floor

Dear World.

I will never make a living as a blogger because my inconsistency is unparalleled.

However I turned 34 yesterday, and birthdays always make me think about the meaning of life (or my life… let’s be honest here). So in that spirit I’m going to make some “goals” for this next year (before I am officially closer to 40 than 30). And for cuteness’ sake, we’ll go for 35 total “goals”. (I’m putting the word goals in quotation marks because… I don’t want to feel beholden to any words in the English language. So these are just so-called goals.)

  1. Travel to New Orleans, LA (all the beignets!!!)
  2. Travel to Austin, TX (all the live music!!!)
  3. Travel to Nashville, TN (all the bbq!!!)
  4. Travel to Kauai, HI (all the paradise!!!)
  5. Travel to Ireland and Greece for my mama’s 60th Birthday (all the love!!!)
  6. Travel more (all the lol)
  7. Clean out the clothes I am storing under my bed (some of them are from high school… they have GOTS TA GO!)
  8. Make some steps toward investing in property (I’ve been obsessed with HGTV / Fixer Upper over the last few weeks, so…. yeah)
  9. Date some men (Not losers, as I am prone to do)
  10. Get back to auditioning
  11. Drink less
  12. Become a better musician (this is happening: letsstartwithlizasti.com)
  13. Dance more
  14. Wash my hair more (#thickhairproblems #shittywaterpressureproblems)
  15. Hire help (thanks, nytimes.com)
  16. Follow the Pomodoro Technique more often to be more effective / efficient
  17. Spend less (no?) time on Facebook
  18. Create a website (erinsjostrom.com coming soon!)
  19. Cook more (I have some recipes that I love, but I could certainly expand my repertoire)
  20. Learn how to use my Instant Pot more effectively
  21. Grow some things (herbs? tomatoes?) on my fire escape and / or window sill
  22. Clean out all of my boxes at my mother’s house
  23. Read more
  24. Follow RP for a full cut
  25. Buy and learn how to use a real camera
  26. Put on my Sunday clothes when I feel down and out
  27. Finish my shoe-hanger project (something along these lines)
  28. Go bowling more
  29. Research how ridiculous it is to own a car in NYC (because I irrationally want one…)
  30. Visit my dad’s grave
  31. Go to trapeze school
  32. Take a clowning class
  33. Take an improv class
  34. Paint my bedroom
  35. Deadlift my bodyweight

Good luck to us all. Especially me.