A Very Good Place to Start


Is anyone out there???

Does anyone even still read blogs???

Well. Whatever. I’m here. It’s Friday night. And I’ve decided to resurrect the old blog.

I think I wrote my last post in 2013. I was still a fresh-faced, innocent thirtynothing. Now I’m a hardened, jaded old 33. The Jesus year. A lot of things have changed: I moved. I got a new job. I was in a relationship. I finished the first 3 seasons of Orange is the New Black. I bought a couch. You know. Those sorts of things.

Hopefully this blog-resurrection will not be short lived, because I really like writing it. So on this, my-first-post-since-2013, I’ve decided to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) by revisiting my first post and seeing how I’ve fared with regards to my non-resolution-resolutions. Here goes nothing.

  1. No soda. Wow! I’m off to a pretty good start! I’ve largely given up soda, except for the occasional indulgence here and there, as well as my old standby drink – Whiskey Diet (that’s a whiskey and diet coke, for all of you non-Whiskey Diet drinkers…). These days I mostly drink seltzer (flavored or unflavored). I only wish I could be this successful with all of the other itmes on this list… Sadly, I know that is not the truth. #winning
  2. Finally reach my goal weight. Yeah. No. What I HAVE reached, however, is my ultimate highest weight. Boo. I’ve signed up for a new diet/exercise program, though, so hopefully that will change soon. #fail
  3. Run a half marathon (and maybe a marathon?). Hey! I did that! Go me! #winning
  4. Make a budget and follow it.  LOTS of financial progress has been made! I have a budget! I was, in a way, able to re-finance my student loans! I have a 401k, IRA, AND stocks! #winning
  5. Get called back for The Broadway.  Nope. Pretty much haven’t auditioned since I wrote this down. Sad day. #fail
  6. Book a regional job for the summer. See #5. #fail
  7. Go to Europe (London and Paris). WOW! I did this, too! I was in Italy last summer for a dear friend’s wedding and it was HEAVEN. I also traveled to London last September for work, and it was so glorious to be back. I’d like to go again, please, Universe :). #winning
  8. Drink less. Ummm… No comment. #fail
  9. No more drunk texts. This is (mostly) true, too!!! #winning
  10. Cook more. I do cook MORE than I used to, but not nearly enough… But honestly, how can I NOT cook more when I’ve got this gorgeous piece of equipment waiting for me?!? #halfwin
  11. Leave the apartment looking like someone loves me. Eh. Not so much. But I did just purchase this vanity to help in that department, and I am very excited to use it! Baby steps! #fail
  12. Be kind. To self and others. Still working on this, especially on the “to self” category. #fail
  13. Volunteer. NO. Must do. #fail
  14. Get a tattoo. Not yet, but still on my list! #fail
  15. Learn to cook proteins. I’m still pretty scared of cooking steak for fear of f*ing up a gorgeous piece of meat, but I can bake a MEAN chicken breast! #halfwin
  16. Learn to make French macaroons. Hmmm… Haven’t tackled this one yet, either, but seems to be in directl conflict with #2. #fail
  17. Go on some dates. (Maybe fall in love). I did. It recently and unexpectedly ended and was very sad for me. Maybe I’ll write more about it someday. Not today. Or tomorrow. #winning (Does it still count as #winning if the relationship #failed? This is my blog and I do what I want!)
  18. Audition for some plays. I haven’t done this, but I DID start taking an acting class. I’m currently on hiatus, but I need to go back as soon as my work schedule allows. It was the first time in my whole, entire life that I have actually believed that I could ACT. #winning
  19. Keep my room clean. Eh. I have a much bigger room now, but it is pretty much a disaster at this moment. Currently reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up in hopes that it will help. Will report back. #fail
  20. Wash my face before bed every night. Yikes! Definitely wrote this down and proceeded to NOT EVEN TRY. Must start. #fail
  21. Learn to sew. Nope. #fail
  22. Read one book per month. I read? Sometimes? Definitely not 1 book per month though. #halfwin
  23. Be happy. This is in a MUCH better state than when this list was originally created. Thanks, #Lexapro! #WINNING!!!!!
  24. Organize my closets. Even though I have a much bigger room, I have a MUCH smaller closet. I know that I need to get rid of a ton of things, but… I just can’t let go yet. #fail

I would say I’ve been successful at accomplishing about 10 (9.5 to be exact) of these 24 items. Also, priorities change. So, there’s that.

That will bring us back to “Do”. Starting fresh, starting new.

Let’s do this thing, starting with a new list next time :).