Summer of Yes 2013

A friend recently G’d* me this article. I’m SURE it is supposed to be hopeful, in (maybe) a tough-love-y sort of way. The message is something along the lines of what my Jewish grandmother [oh, how I wish I were Jewish and had a Jewish grandmother!] would say:

“You think New York is so impossible for dating? IT COULD BE WORSE!”

Well. Anything that was actually hopeful within the article fell on deaf ears. You know what I read into it?

Now that you are 29 and 10 months old, you’ve sealed your fate. Everyone else in this country is married off, so you are DOOMED to stay in New York for another 10 years when all of the eligible men finally decide that they are interested in relationships. You’re not going to meet anyone in any other city because they are not single, so just stay put and wait it out. Or, start dating 45 year olds. Or, get a cat and some knitting needles and research convent options. 

I guess I’m not really a glass-half-full kind of girl. Also, I’d already had that thought multiple times before reading this article, so it wasn’t that surprising of a concept to me.

Anyway, I read that and it made me think of another article I bookmarked. This article’s message? Don’t just sit around and wait for love to happen to you. Now THAT is a message I can get behind.

Confession: I MAY have also used that article as an excuse to send some self-destructive text messages to a gentleman-crush who has made it abundantly clear that he is not interested in me except for on his own terms. I mean… she says to risk rejection, right?

[What I’m understanding about myself with BOTH of these articles is: maybe I need to work on gleaning the ACTUAL message rather than the message I want to hear… Maybe.]

Anyway, I’m on board with article two, and not JUST for dating. Fitness, jobs, whatever. There’s no sense in sitting alone at home just hoping that my life will suddenly reveal itself to me. I’ve [sorta] tried that, and it’s led me to this exact moment.

In that spirit, I think it’s time to officially declare this summer “The Summer of Yes” [a Renaissance of the Summer of 2011 of sorts… the original Summer of Yes].

“No” leads to a world of stagnation. “Yes” has limitless possibilities.

Hamptons. Yes. Pool parties. Yes. Day drinking. Yes [without getting too crazy, cause I am gonna be SNATCHED, YA’LL!]. Urban and suburban adventures. Yes. Anything at all impromptu. Yes. Yes. Yes. Things that make me uncomfortable and sorta make me want to say “no”. FUCK YES.

I’m saying yes.

*G’d = sent via gchat.


2 thoughts on “Summer of Yes 2013

  1. I like this idea of yes to lots of things! I will try this, I may get farther along with a few of my over 50 men! I thought you were going to write about the group “Yes!” I like that group!

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