Snatched: Just Live Your Life (Week 3)

I contemplated just skipping this week/post all together and resuming next week. But that wouldn’t be honest now, would it?

I’m going to tell you this: I spent Memorial Day Weekend pretending that I had never even heard of Snatched. 

Yes, it was that bad. 

I ate bagels. I drank champagne. Oh so much champagne. There was pasta. I didn’t count calories. I didn’t meet any protein goals. 

I failed. 

But you know what? This process is a journey. And so I’m going to provide my update anyway. And I’m going to not dwell on my supposed “failure”. Instead, I’m going to pat myself on the back for getting back on track on Monday. [This is sort of a mini update cause I don’t think that posting pictures would be all that enlightening, and I didn’t really take any measurements.]

On Friday, I weighed 147.2 (a total of 2.5 pounds lost in less than two weeks! Hooray!).

On Monday, I weighed 151.6. Yes, that is MORE than my starting weight. (CRINGE!)

As of today, I am almost back to my Friday weight. 

The reason for my transgression? I got to see my beautiful cousin get married. And you know what? It was worth it. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. The couple was so happy. The speeches were heart warming. I got to spend wonderful time with my amazing family. The event was just joyful all around.

And I’m not going to beat myself up about it, cause I told myself I wasn’t doing that anymore. You just have to live your life. The end. 

Jen, Pam, and Me at the rehearsal dinner


One thought on “Snatched: Just Live Your Life (Week 3)

  1. Love your brutal honesty, think you girls look sweet and all are beautiful in your own ways. Pasta is good once in awhile. Especially have to give yourself a break during times of weddings and holidays!! Love the glow in the dark dress! Funny and it fits your story!

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