I’m a Mean Girl

“Ew. You think THAT looks good on you? Your stomach bulge is showing up the Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Cake muffin.”

“You are SO awful with money, you might as well just burn it when it comes into your hands.”

“Well thanks to the fact that you BOMBED this audition season, you’re going to spend the entire summer sweltering in the New York City humidity. Sucks to be you.”

These are all things I’ve said. TO MYSELF.

I’m a mean girl in my own brain. 

This negative self-talk has to stop. 

I think the only possible way to combat this negativity is the Barney Stinson way. 


So from now on, whenever the Regina George that lives in my brain starts to flap her yap all over me, I’m just going to be awesome instead. 

I’m not even going to pretend this is a simple thing to do. USUALLY, I’m so far down the negativity path before I even realize I’ve strayed from the Main Road of Positivity. And then it’s too late. I haven’t dropped any breadcrumbs. The damage has been done. 

So how do I catch myself BEFORE I get to the point of no return? Maybe I can offer myself preemptive compliments throughout the day. Maybe I should start keeping a gratitude journal. Maybe I can just wake up every morning and remind myself to be more kind. Maybe I should get a tattoo that reminds me to be kind. [That is not a joke.] Suggestions? Anyone want to accompany me to the tattoo parlor?

PS. Now I really want a Dunkin Donuts Coffeecake Muffin. Luckily we don’t have DD in California. 


One thought on “I’m a Mean Girl

  1. I tend to be a person who holds all kinds of mean thoughts. Most people expect the cheery and positive Robin to say something kind. My family and some of my closest friends know there are cracks in my facade and now, I am thinking that a little honesty is okay to express. Take care!

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