I know what you’re thinking. “Erin. It’s not enough that you write a blog? You have to write a post called ‘ME’? How fucking narcissistic can you be?” [The answer is: I can’t help it. I was born into this generation.]


So. Anyway. As I was saying before you so RUDELY interrupted me…

Below I present to you:

50 Things About Erin [That You Probably Didn’t Ever Need To Know… But This Is A Blog And It’s Sort Of Requisite To Do A Post Like This].

1. I was born in San Mateo, California. Once, when I was in high school [the beginning of senior year], I had to fill out a questionnaire that asked my place of birth. I wrote “Mills Hospital, San Mateo, CA”. The teacher of that class decided to make an example of me, saying something along the lines of “Answer the damn question. I don’t need to know what hospital you were born in…” 13 years later, I beg to differ: those sorts of details are the spice of life, man!

2. As a child, I used to play a game in my head that I called “The Clock Game”, wherein I constructed addition/subtraction/multiplication/division problems based on the time displayed on the clock. It was like a compulsion. I had to make the numbers somehow all fit together. [I was a strange child.] Eventually, I grew out of the game. I think my mental math skills have suffered as a result.

3. I have very strong feelings about uncooked tomatoes. If they are cherry tomatoes, I only like to eat them if they are sliced in half. I don’t like tomatoes cut into wedges. I like them on a sandwich, but only if they are very thin. I would NEVER eat one like an apple. I love them very finely diced. It’s strange, though, because I am one of the least picky eaters I’ve ever met.

4. My ethnic background is Irish, Swedish, and French, and my name mimics that: Erin (Irish) Michelle (French) Sjostrom (Swedish).

5. My mom wanted to name me Crystal which would have totally fucked up the scenario in item #4. [What would be my nickname? Crystie? I can’t even imagine.]

6. I’ve slept in a queen-sized bed since I was 14 years old. I fear that when the day comes when I have to permanently share a bed with someone else, a California King will be required rather than simply ‘nice to have’.

7. If I had the decision to make over again, I would do my undergraduate studies at UCLA. That said, I can’t imagine my life without the friends I made at Notre Dame.

8. In most instances, I hate the color pink. This is strange because it used to be my favorite color.

9. I love Trader Joe’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups in an unhealthy way. I cannot buy them because I am capable of eating the entire package in one sitting.

10. Driving gives me anxiety.

11. Chianti is my red wine of choice.

12. I collected American Girl Dolls as a child and to this day I love them. I pretend that someday I will give them to my daughter, but the truth of the matter is I don’t trust that unborn girl to take as good of care of those dolls as I did. She’s going to have to REALLY prove her responsibility before I let her have my prized possessions. [I’m kidding. Sorta. Not really.]

13. I am horrible with money. Awful. I might as well throw it away the moment it lands in my bank account.

14. I’m really good at Google. Like sorta scary good. Because of that, I sometimes think that I should go and work for the FBI like in Criminal Minds.

15. Lime is a trump-card ingredient for me. If I go to a restaurant and lime is listed in a menu item description, you can bet that I will order it.

16. I can flip my tongue upside-down in both directions. I used to list this as a special skill on my resume until someone told me that it sounded sexual and I should take it off.

17. I learned how to juggle to play Junie B. Jones. I wish I was better at it.

18. Someday, if I have a lot of money, I plan to give a whole bunch of it to Theatreworks USA cause I think they do some really amazing work.

19. Today (May 10) is the anniversary of my Dad’s death. I wish that I had known him as an adult.

20. My freshman year of college, I used to copy a girl’s math homework. She let me, and I didn’t feel bad about it, because the class was WAY too hard for me, and she was going to be an engineer and I was going to be an actress.

21. I don’t think I believe in monogamy as a governing principle for our society. I love the idea in theory, but I don’t think it’s sustainable. Maybe if we could broaden our collective outlook, we might save ourselves a lot of heartbreak in the long run. [Listen. The jury is still out here. But that’s what I think right now. And, honestly, it makes me sad.]

22. I never use abbreviations like “u” or “r” or “ur” in my text messages. I cringe when I receive text messages containing them. [That’s not to say that I don’t love a good abbrev. I totes do. Just not THOSE particular abbrevs.]

23. I really like going to baseball games. When I was 4, my dad took me to an A’s game and I saw Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco play as rookies. He told me that it was important. I’m pretty proud of that fact now. Bash Brothers!

24. I talk to my mom everyday. Phone. G-chat. Text. Smoke signals. Telepathy. All manners of communication.

25. 99% of the time, I’m an open book. I’m a total over-share-er.

26. I don’t know that much about Zodiac signs, but sometimes when I meet a boy that I am interested in, I’ll google to find out if our signs are compatible. Usually the answer is no.

27. I have a [not so irrational] fear of bed bugs. In 2010 I contemplated moving back to California because my bed bug anxiety was so intense. [No, I’ve never had them.]

28. Sometimes I feel sad.

29. Feeling weightless is euphoric for me. Roller coasters, being in the water, jumping on a trampoline – those are all pretty close to nirvana.

30. I have perfect vision.

31. My thighs are the bane of my existence.

32. I’ve been seeing my therapist for a year. I think it’s going well.

33. About a year and a half ago, I went through a naked-pic sending phase. I had lost weight and was feeling really great about my body. Sending the pics was totally empowering to me. I loved doing it. [A lesson I learned before ever sending a naked picture: don’t include your face if you are sending them into questionable hands.  But honestly… who cares? It’s just a naked body. Unless you plan to run for President, a few naked pics aren’t going to hurt anyone.]

34. My biggest fear is never meeting my soul-mate and being alone forever.

35. I didn’t get my period until I was almost 15. I was convinced that there was something wrong with me and I was never going to be able to have children. At night, I would pray that it would come.

36. I don’t think I could ever live more than an hour away from the ocean [any ocean]. I am totally in awe of it.

37. I love looking at other people’s wedding and baby photos on facebook. LOVE. I can’t get enough of them.

38. I have never been a girl who planned her wedding. Maybe I’m cynical about marriage because my parents got divorced when I was so young. The only regular wedding-related thoughts I ever have concern the food. Seriously.

39. Things that I’ve criticized/hated on and then come around to: Facebook, Kindle/eReaders, Twitter, red wine. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

40. If I could go back in time and see any Broadway show, it would be Funny Girl.

41. The Boy From Oz was my very first Broadway show and it was MAGICAL.

42. A few years ago, I started paying for my own health insurance [even when I was unemployed] because I realized I was paying more to maintain the *ahem* NATURAL *ahem* color of my hair than it would cost me to insure my health and well-being.

43. Even though I haven’t really lived there in twelve years, I still think that California is the greatest state. I was never more proud to be a Californian than when I moved to Indiana.

44. I hoard receipts. I don’t know what I EVER plan to do with them, but I have a hard time throwing them away.

45. 50 percent of the time, I want to have a boob job. The rest of the time I think, “Who would EVER insert something artificial into their body?!”

46. Sometimes I feel myself apologizing [with my body language, or qualifiers when I speak, or being generally self-dismissive] and then I get all angry-feminist at myself. I think “A man would never behave/think/speak that way!” It’s hard being a lady. We are so programmed to make apologies for ourselves and then we have to deal with the awareness of it all! WE CAN’T WIN!

47. I can name where I purchased [or from whom i received] every single article of clothing that I own, even my underwear. [Is that weird?]

48. I never read any of my industry’s websites [,, etc.] I feel guilty about it, but I also don’t really have a desire to start.

49. I shave my toes. [I’m actually embarrassed to admit that. Oh well. This list wouldn’t have been worthwhile if it was all easy… Also, lest you think this was the only hard-to-confess item: it wasn’t.]

50. Summer always feels like a new beginning to me. The end of summer always comes too quickly. Why doesn’t the end of WINTER always come too quickly?


2 thoughts on “ME

  1. Erin. I love you. When you come back to California you can borrow my PINK sweater again for a weekend and hairy toes…must be a family trait.

    • AWW! I actually really liked that sweatshirt! I’m a total hypocrite, too, cause I’m wearing a pink shirt today. I think it’s baby pink that I have a problem with… but even then: one of my favorite t-shirts is baby pink. Haha. Apparently I don’t know what I do/don’t like.

      Also, I’m glad to know I’m not alone on the toe thing. UGH. If I forget to shave before I get a pedicure I’m totally mortified.

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