Playing Dress Up

The thing I miss most (only?) about working at a restaurant was the opportunity to dress up everyday. One of my dear friends subscribes [at work, and in her life in general] to the philosophy that everyday is a theme party. Sometimes we would coordinate our outfits [Nautical Day was a rip-roaring success]. Occasionally, we would arrive at work in accidentally matching attire. No matter the day, choosing an outfit was always an Event with a capital E.

Now that I spend the majority of my days in leisure wear [read: I work from home and look like a scrub 90% of the time], I miss being able to regularly circulate through my closet. Confession: I have A LOT of clothing. Once upon a time, I owned zero dresses, and it made me very sad. I vowed to myself that WHENEVER I found a dress that I liked, I would buy it. Apparently, I never set an expiration date for that vow.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a few dress-up opportunities on the horizon.

Super Hero Day at Mark Fisher Fitness

It has come to my attention that Friday, May 17 is Super Hero Day at MFF. You guys!!! Who am I going to dress up as?! Wonder Woman? Cat Woman!? Bat Woman!? Bat MAN?! Superman?! Suggestions?! I honestly wish everyday was Halloween. For reals. That’s probably why I do theatre.

The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

My friends and I have been attending The Polo for years now (toss, toss), and it is usually one of the highlights of the summer. [In actuality, it often ends up being a very sweaty, boozy event wherein I don’t actually witness any polo playing because I have consumed vast amounts of champagne before the horses even arrive AND everyone stands when the match starts so I can’t see over their heads… Details, details.] No matter what, The Polo always results in a brand new Facebook Profile picture. If living in 2013 has taught me anything, it’s this: no event is worth attending if you can’t get a new ProfPic out of it. [Am I kidding? I don’t even know…]


To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if I’ll go this year. When we first started attending, the FREE event began and ended with a complimentary ferry ride to Governor’s Island, and the bottles of Veuve were around $70. This year, a ticket [to this formerly free event] is $40 plus tax, and a bottle of champagne is sure to set me back more than $100. I’m torn… I sure do love the opportunity to wear a gigantic hat.

Jazz Age Lawn Party

I’ve never attended this event, but every year, when I see the throngs of people on the subway in their flapper-finest, I kick myself for not planning. Call it Gatsby Fever, but I AM DETERMINED TO GO THIS YEAR! I can’t wait to put on my blackest vamp makeup, don some impossibly long pearls, and Charleston to my heart’s content.

Line Dancing


This is not actually an event.


When I went on my cruise, there was a line-dancing night. I was forced, against my will, to participate. And… well… I really liked it! I’ve done a little research, and I can’t seem to find any line-dancing in New York City, but I haven’t given up hope. All I’m asking for is the opportunity to wear my fabulous turquoise cowboy boots and a cute hat, and do some relatively simple, pre-choreographed moves that I’ll teach myself from youtube. [Also, line-dancing is an unbelievable workout!] I know all you City Mice are just itching for an opportunity to sort of ironically shout “yee-haw.”

These boots deserve to be danced in.


Mark my words: there will be a theme to my birthday party this year. Stay tuned, and get ready to dress accordingly.

What other dress-up events are on the horizon? Who wants to find some line-dancing with me? Is it any surprise that, as a child, I used to get dressed up in “a dress that spins” to watch Dirty Dancing?


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