Collies Bred or Kittens Ported

Today, my mom got two puppies. Their names are NOT Babs and Judy, despite valiant effort on my end.

My mom insisted that they have DOG names, but they are almost a year old and already have names, so we’re not changing them.

Below, I present to you Katie and Dolly [two names that are decidedly UN-dog, HOWEVER their full, given, pedigree names are actually Hello, Dolly and Kiss Me Kate! CAN YOU EVEN!? I think I won in this scenario.]

Katie, Me, and Dolly

Dolly (whom we’ve already nicknamed Dora for her insatiable explorer tendencies)




6 thoughts on “Collies Bred or Kittens Ported

    • They’re Cavalier King Charles Spaniels [like Charlotte has in Sex and the City]. I am pretty obsessed with their names too! And they are JUST THE SWEETEST!!! So cuddly and lovable.

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