Plenty of Fish: Plenty of Douchebags

When my mom turned 40, we threw her a surprise birthday party. My gift to her was an I.O.U. [of sorts] to get a mother/daughter portrait taken. Now, with my meager 15 year old budget, that picture was [most likely] going to occur at Sears Portait Studio.

I had a crisp 50 dollar bill that I stowed in my underwear drawer. It was in an envelope marked “picture”, and there it stayed for approximately four years. [Once upon a time, I was really, REALLY good at saving money. That money was ear-marked for something specific, so it wasn’t mine to spend.]

Time went by, our schedules were busy, and we never got our picture taken. Eventually, when I went to college, I looted the money. I’m sure it bought me a few solo cups at keg parties [or something like that… more like Cinna-pies, come to think of it.]

Anyway, fast forward 12 years, and we finally got our acts together to get our picture taken. Now that I was a real adult, Sears Portrait Studio wasn’t an option [for me]. We had a lovely photographer come to our house and take some awesome photos in our backyard.


We loved the photos so much that we have both used them, at various times, as our Facebook profile pictures. [I begged my mom to join Facebook. I guess I’m a weirdo.]

My mom has also used this photo as one of her “secondary” photos on her own dating websites. One day she received an alert that a Suitor had messaged her. She fired up Plenty of Fish to find the following:


I hope you are doing well! I enjoyed reading your profile and looking through your pictures. I think you seem like an awesome person, but you are a little bit out of my age range [He was 5 years younger than my mom.] However, I find your daughter really attractive and would be interested in pursuing something with her if she is single and interested. My email address is [not really] if you would like to pass it along to her.

Hope to hear from her soon!





You guys. I can’t make this shit up. People are crazy.


5 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish: Plenty of Douchebags

  1. I once got a message on OKC reading ‘I’m really attracted to the friend in your picture’ – I wanted the last word, so I responded ‘not your lucky day – she’s married.’… THEN HE REPLIED, I so kid you not: “bummer… do you have any other friends that are single?” So yeah… the nerve of some people – lol.

  2. I once got a message very similar but wanted to date both of us! I wrote about it on my blog! I said, “Man who wants to date two!” (or both!) not sure it was last year… But this is so sad about some men, and you are so right, douche bags!!

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