OkCupid: The Few. The Proud. The Creepy.

The RoundUp – Days 2 and 3

1. BurgerGuy – He apparently didn’t like how long it took me to respond to his second message (it was only 36 hours or so) and so he sent me a “have a nice life” type message when I DID respond. He doesn’t even know how long I COULD take to respond! I’m sending messages to people I last responded to on January 7! You’re lucky, buddy! Oh well. I only wrote him in the first place because of the rules. NEXT.

Oh. WAIT. AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST, he sent me a follow-up message that said “I must say, you indeed take time to respond rather…”

Someone’s got their panties in a twist.

2. LawyerDude – We began discussing California, and I asked him what part he lived in. He answered that he “went to college in Palo Alto.”

Me: Casual, there, with your “I went to college in Palo Alto.” That’s not like saying “I went to college in Boston.” Isn’t there only one? 🙂

Hilarious. A date is in the works with this guy, so I’ll keep you posted.

3. FreelancerGuy– He and I both work alternative schedules, so he suggested that we get together on a weekday, in the mid-afternoon. He followed that up with “I really like getting my drink on so maybe I’ll bring sunglasses and a flask ;)”

Ha. Touche. Hopefully he won’t ARRIVE wasted.

4. A guy whose username is essentially LONGTONGUE (no picture) messaged me. That’s a no, right?

5. CreepyGuy– He has messaged me every week (like clockwork) “Hello from Brooklyn,”  and did not miss OkCupid Week of Yes. Luckily for me, he doesn’t fit the criteria. PHEW!

6. I sent messages to many people that I had been engaged in conversations with in January. I think that’s where I’ll draw the line. Hopefully they don’t all harbor the same ill will that BurgerGuy does.

This is like a job. Can I collect unemployment when OkCupid Week of Yes is over?


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