OkCupid: May The Odds Be Ever In My Favor

A few summers ago, a friend of mine informed me that we were going to be engaging in a “Summer of Yes”. Basically, we had to say “yes” to any offer, proposition, or invitation we received. In my mind, this was going to lead to an epic story of how we somehow ended up spending every weekend in a 10 bedroom bungalow in The Hamptons [for free, natch], and I somehow ended up sleeping with all of the dreamy, single investment bankers in Manhattan [oops!].

In actuality, it was a lot of hangovers.

But it was fun, and it definitely forced me outside of my comfort zone.

This week, to spice things up, I’m going to re-instate a “Summer of Yes” type policy towards OkCupiding.

Here are the rules:

1. Any message that I receive [that is more than just a “hey”], I must respond to. [I am HEINOUSLY bad at responding to my messages. I also have a tendency to respond to the first message, and then just stop responding to all subsequent messages. Oops.]

2. Anybody that I previously left hanging [See Rule #1], I have to respond to again.

3. Any date that I am asked on [unless it is blatantly just an invitation to have sex], I must go on.

Those are all of the rules. Simple, right?

Stay tuned.

May the odds be ever in my favor.


7 thoughts on “OkCupid: May The Odds Be Ever In My Favor

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  3. Oh, this sounds very exciting! I have just made a rule for my over fifty self that Fridays will this Spring and Summer be “date free” and only will be spent with friends. That means all kinds of festivals, bands, bars, etc. and fun! Stress free, to me! Good luck on your “Yes plans!!”

  4. That sounds great! I tried to do that with match.com but I got so many 50+ and 19 year olds it was impossible to talk to, let alone go out with, every weirdo. But I feel like I’m trying to branch out and embrace whomever comes my way (to an extent). Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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