OkCupid: What Good Is Sitting Alone In Your Room?

During the Wrath of Nemo (or “just a good old fashioned snowstorm,” in the words of a hardy Pennsylvanian), I received a message from a gentleman on OkCupid. He seemed interesting and we agreed to meet the day before Valentine’s Day. That fateful Wednesday, I awoke to a text message from him. 

He explained that he had been very excited to meet me, but since our initial interaction (5 days prior), he met someone that he thought could be “The One.” Out of respect for this budding romance [huh?], he was going to have to cancel on me. 

Though I thought it strange to put all of one’s eggs in that proverbial basket, I didn’t really care. I wished him luck and didn’t give it a second thought [or… barely did… you know]. 

Another five days passed, and I awoke to a follow-up text message. Apparently “The One” wasn’t actually, and he wondered if I would still be interested in meeting up. 


Obviously, I was incapable of making this call on my own. I consulted sundry friends who all implored me to respond in the affirmative.

“He’s OBVIOUSLY looking for something meaningful!”

“Look at how HONEST he is!”

“At the very least, you’ll get a blog post out of it!” [Check.]

Et cetera. 

So I told him that I would meet him. We agreed to meet in “the Union Square area” on Thursday “around 6:30.”

Well 6:05 rolled around and I had nary a text message from my suitor. I called my Mom. I g-chatted that Pennsylvanian. They both said (essentially) the same thing: YOU are perfectly capable of texting HIM. Step out of your comfort zone. 

Really, all I wanted to do was go to the gym and not waste my makeup on a situation that was quickly going south. 

But, I’m trying to step outside of my comfort zone, so I did, indeed, text him. 

Me, at 6:05 pm: “Where exactly would you like to meet?”

Him, at 6:20 pm: “How about in front of Diesel? I’m here already.”

Uh. Excuse me? That’s not really a place. That’s appropriate for… Hey, Friend-That-I’ve-Known-For-A-Long-Time-And-I-Could-Pick-You-Out-On-The-Street, Meet me in front of Diesel. Meeting someone [of whom you’ve only seen carefully selected dating website photos] on a busy street is probably not the greatest idea. 

Since, at this point, it was 10 minutes until our suggested meeting time and I was still in my apartment, I informed him that I was going to be late. He suggested the Starbucks in Union Square and asked me for my drink order. 

When I arrived, he was sitting at a hightop table [hidden behind a pillar, nose buried in phone] with a single stool. “Uh. Here. Uh. You can sit here if you want…?”

I suggested that we just go for a little stroll, instead, as perching atop a stool while he stood sounded awkward to me. 

We walked about two blocks before the cold got the better of him and we ducked into a Cosi. With our Starbucks cups. And, no, we did not purchase anything. [Oh well. It’s New York. No one said anything to us.]

He explained to me that he is training for a Triathalon [at a yet to be determined date], and he is so intense about his training that his training/social life balance was getting really out of whack. And he doesn’t really have very many friends. So he joined OkCupid. “Cause there are just so many interesting people doing such interesting things on there!”


We chatted for a bit [mostly about running] and then went our separate ways. 

OkCupid: 1. Erin: 0. 


2 thoughts on “OkCupid: What Good Is Sitting Alone In Your Room?

  1. Although this sounds as though it was a very odd encounter, I’m very proud of you for going.

    Also, I’m going to rename my blog The Hardy Pennsylvanian immediately.

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