… And Whatnot

Below, I present to you [unedited] another real life OKC message I received. You can’t make this shit up, folks. I can’t possibly imagine what my aversion to online dating could be…

I’ll start off being as straight forward and honest as can be…You’re cute, and we both know it..But I’m not looking for dating partners, or a long term relationship. Not saying that I’m opposed to a relationship, I actually enjoy them. But I’m a firm believer that the things you truly want/need come to you when you’re not looking for them. Therefore, I’m just looking for a cute gal like yourself to sit on my face and what not, and let me give you nothing but pleasure until you’re satisfied or simply can’t take any more. I’m Drama/Drug/Disease free and live in NJ. If you’re interested in being pleased by a young man who will not stop until you are satisfied, then let us chat. 

No. Seriously. Who, who, WHO sends these sorts of messages?! Honestly!

I wrote him back, cause, well… I am sickly curious about these sorts of things:

Um. How often does this work for you?!? 

I think he was kicked off of OKC cause his profile no longer exists. Damn. What a loss for the digital space.


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